How to choose an online document management system



Saving files and documents in paper form has become obsolete, due to the technological development and progress. Many small businesses decide to adopt paperless document organization because of its many advantages – it is environment-friendly, easy to manage, available to all the employees at any given time, it increases productivity and saves a lot of time. This kind of document management is usually performed by using an online DMS (online Document Management System), so that all employees can access the documents from the office computers, but also from home computers or their phones if it is necessary, or if they are home-employed.

Artema-Boost-Efficiency-With-A-Document-Management-SystemIn order to be able to implement a suitable online DMS and make online document management easy and purposeful, it is important to know what to search for in the online DMS. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the filing structure. Depending on the program, the filing structure can vary, and it is important to choose the one where the files and folders are well-organized, easy to manage and as intuitive as possible. Since it will be necessary for all the employees to use the system and access the files within it, it is recommended to use the system with the best organized files and folders. The system needs to be easy to master, because otherwise it would be necessary to organize training for the employees in order to help them manage the system, which is inefficient and increases costs. Then, it is necessary that the DMS allows collaboration between those who have the access to it. This means that it needs to be easy for all the employees to access and share the files from the office, to add and remove the files, and also to access and use the system from home or when they are on the road. Cloud-based online DMS is a great solution for companies that have employees on different locations or even in different countries, or those companies that have employees who work from home. Cloud-based data management allows everyone to access the documents no matter where they are located, and it largely simplifies the document management, reducing the costs and also the time needed for the files to be created, saved and shared within the employees.

Another important aspect to pay attention to is the system’s compliance with the company’s policy, rules and document-management_0preferences. Not all systems have the same terms of use, the same number of users who can access the system etc. It is important to check all the system’s specifications before deciding to use it for business, because not every system will be useful for your kind of business and the number of employees. It is important that the system meets your business’ criteria and your preferences, and keep in mind that you need not to adjust your company’s policy to the system, but just choose the one that already meets all your criteria.

Lastly, it is important that document retrieval is enabled within the system. This means that the system needs to be able to backup all your data in case on unpredictable circumstances – floods, fires, earthquakes and the like. Also, it is necessary that the documents are safe and properly protected, so that only the employees can access them.